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this will play out in the next 48 hours coming up. >> and remember you can track storms using our interactive radar. go to our web site at there is a link at the top of the home page. >> attacked by a man sworn to protect him. this morning we're hearing from the alleged victim of an attack by his f.o.p. president. >> he allegedly punched a commercial sedan driver. >> it was business as usual for -- he waited while sean went inside to get money to pay for him. while he waited, off-duty police officer cole westin walked up to the car. westin who is president of the county police union appeared agitated. >> after he saw my passenger, he said, are you supposed to be in this area. i said, what's going on? >> according to the police report, westin cursed at him and hit the roof of his car. >> he is going like this. after the punching, he goes back, and putting the gun to my face. i'm honest with you, i peed my pants. i'm very scared. i'm almost heart attack. >> two people called 911, including westin. according to police report 911 advised westin sounded intoxicated. his police pow
of us. there is another disturbance up in lake michigan. that's moving into ohio. i have something in my throat. all that stuff is not near us. that's the key today. what we have is plenty of sun. i'll have details on the forecast, and i'll work on the throat, coming up in a few minutes. >> in japan a tsunami generate bid an earthquake has turned a coastal area into a death zone. >> that 8.9 earthquake sent tidal wachese racing -- waves racing across the ocean. noelle walker begins our coverage. >> the tsunami wiped out everything in its past in japan and headed for the u.s. in hawaii, waves sent residents running for safety. in oregon, coastal residents awoke to tsunami sirens. >> people were screaming and yelling getting everybody out. >> in california, the current tossed around california swamping some ships and others out to sea. coastal residents evacuated to higher ground. in cressent city, most of the destruction was isolated to harbors and marinas. the damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. as the damage in japan is still being tallied, president obama is offering
bit of snow. how much is a little? we will talk about that. >> thank you. you can track storms using our interactive radar. just go to our web site, >> attacked by a man sworn to protect him. we are hearing from the alleged victim of baltimore county's fop president. >> cole weston remains on the job, and no charges have been charged despite the fact that he allegedly punched a driver and pointed a gun. sheldon dutes has more. >> it was business as usual for housing to posh -- 4 hosseim taranpisheh. >> he came into my car. my passenger is coming, too. >> cole weston, president of the county's police union, appeared to be a grit. >> my customer set what is going on? >> according to the police report, cole weston cursed at her son's turn the ship. -- hosseim taranpisheh it. >> he pointed a gun to my face. i almost pissed my pants. i was very scared. >> at least two people called 911. cole weston's police powers have not been suspended. criminal charges need to be filed. cole weston denied wrongdoing, but hosseim taranpisheh said he is shocked that >> is very funny for me. p
offered immediate aid. >> our hearts go out in japan and across the region. they will stand with us as we recover and rebuild across this region. >> a tragedy that could just as easily happened here. >> for many people here in maryland have been struggling to get in touch with friends and fami in japan. that includes japanese students studying in baltimore. kai reed continues our team coverage. >> the images are devastating. >> just by looking at those pictures. >> each one shaking towson university professor imiko tikagi to the core. >> people be -- cars floating away. it is hard to take in. >> she immediately tried to call her mother with no luck. >> nothing like any other earthquake we have had before. >> finally professor tikagi reached her family and friends by facebook. all her family members and friends in tokyo are safe and accounted for. four towson university exchange students are currently studying in japan. university officials say they are miles from the epicenter and are safe. she goes home to japan once a year. >> people in japan appearance an earthquake from time to time.
at the moment to the west of us, will come in. we have had the chance for healthy rains in the next couple days. we will detail it all coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast. >> a bill giving same-sex marriages rights is closer to passing. >> david collins has more from the statehouse in annapolis. >> the house judiciary committee casts the final vote, and he votes against same-sex marriage. getting to this point, was a long ride. >> i ask the judiciary committee to meet at 1:00 for voting. >> one vote had not wavering. he issued a statement saying "i will send -- vote to send this issue to marylanders to vote on." another delegate also had wavered. one delegate tried to change it to a civil union matter. >> my community does not want this bill, but they do support civil unions. >> it is about rights and benefits. it is about equality. >> i would urge my colleagues to reject the amendment. >> what it would not do, it would not take the doe main of the church and replace it with the doe main of the state. >> delegate joe carter declined a vote on the agreement. >> i still feel like i had t
analysis of forensic evidence was not supporting ms. norwood's story. in fact, it was taking us in a different direction. after finding physical and forensic evidence inside the deceased victim's car, ms. norwood became a suspect. >> police say witnesses had heard the two women arguing. >> the search is underway this morning for a killer in frederick. police say a woman was shot and killed inside the burger king restaurant where she worked. it happened early yesterday morning in the 1300 block of east patrick street. >> police stunned by such a brazen murder in a city that only had two murders in 2010. >> unacceptable and horrible tragedy. obviously, wierer a going to use all the resources we can to solve this. >> police got a 911 call at 6:00 friday morning that another female employee was found inside shot to death. sources close to the investigation say the unidentified woman had children. investigators are releasing few clues but believe it was an attempted robbery that happened when the victim was opening the restaurant. >> it appears to be a gunshot wound. that's all we're
clothes back out, because we have this cold shot of air that's been with us since the middle of the week. it is still with us. the rainy part in tennessee and arkansas. it is all coming together. tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll deal with it. the forecast in a minute. >> and remember, you can track storms using our interactive radar. it shows you where the storms are now and where they are headed. go to there's a link at the top of the home page. >> attacked by a man sworn to protect him. >> despite allegations cole westin remains on the job. even though a commercial driver claims westin punched him and asalled him. off-duty cole westin assaulted him. westin appeared agitated. >> after he saw my passenger, he said, do you have the right to be in this area? i am like, what's going on? >> according to the police report, westin cursed at the victim and pounded on his car. >> he is punching. after the punching, he goes back and putting the gun into my face. i'm almost -- i'm honest with you -- i'm peed my pants. i'm very scared. i'm almost heart attack. >> two people calle
, yet the rain was in the same place. so it hasn't made a lot of progress eastward toward us. this is a slow mover. it will be this agony all weekend long watching it try to come in. subpoenaed is the -- sunday is a significant day. most of the rain will be west of us. we will see a sprinkle or two. there are sprinkles north of the maryland line. we had a few sprinkles overnight. that was it. the rain chances increase during the day today. more toward evening. we'll detail it all coming up. >> the big story this morning, a bill giving same-sex couples in maryland the same full rights is now closer to becoming law. >> the measure passed in committee yesterday and is now heading to the full house. john collins has the latest from the statehouse in annapolis. >> a committee cliffhanger. house judiciary committee joe valero passed, and he pow poses same-sex marriage -- opposes same-sex marriage. getting to this point has been a rollercoaster ride. two delegates skipped a key voting earlier in the week. >> the house judiciary committee will move at 1:00 p.m. for a voting session.
waves that swept across the northern japanese coast arrived at the u.s. coast hours later. in hawaii, 7-foot waves sent residents scrambling for safety. >> it swirled us, and slammed the. >> in oregon, coastal residents woke up to sirens. >> they started screaming and yelling and running through the trailer park. >> the current tossed around boats. south of san francisco beaches were closed as coastal residents evacuated. in crescent city, most of the destruction was isolated to harbors and marinas. the damage in japan is still being tallied, and president obama offered immediate aid. >> our hearts go out to our friends in japan, and we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild. >> it is a tragedy that could just as easily happen here. >> this morning, things appear to be getting worse at a nuclear plant in japan. smoke poured out. it is not clear of the damage, but officials fear there could be a meltdown. >> many in maryland have been struggling to get in touch with friends and families, and that includes japanese students studying in the baltimore area. kai reed continues team
combination. there are still are clouds overhead. the rain is to the south of us. there are still spotty showers and sprinkles, and that's about it. that was most significant in our weather here. that moon is pretty big in the western sky right now. we'll talk about that here. it is almost a full moon, and late in the month for a full moon to be occurring, which is why easter has been kicked back so far this particular year. anyway, we're on the cold side of a cold front, and we'll see how that affects your weather. coming up. >> a baltimore city police officer is in shock trauma after being shot in the neck. >> police say it happened after a man approached an -- as the officer approached the unmarked car not far from harbor city high school. here's sheldo. -- sheldon dutez with the latest. >> the police officer thought the man was acting suspiciously. >> they had badges clipped to their self-body armor, so we have little doubt as to -- everyone was acutely aware of who they are. >> that's when a six-year veath veteran of the department got out of the car to approach them. >> the suspec
is pretty dry behind the front. the high pressure will be with us all weekend long. it is more chilly, but at least it is dry. the storm out to the west comes in next week and will pester us all week. mostly sunny, not as warm as yesterday. a couple of places might get around 60. you can see the dry conditions today and tomorrow, but by tomorrow evening, we get clouds, and by monday rain chances sneaked into the picture. even tuesday, we might be hit by scattered showers off and on. a dry weekend, then -- and cool, twoy in the 50's 4 highs, 50 near 60 in the middle of the week, and we might catch is no flight on friday. >> we are talking lamb this morning. did you know there are eight ways to cook it? >> i did not note, but they are setting up, and it is making me hungry. how can you be sure you are not the victim of a scam? we will have details next. we are taking your pet. you can e-mail them soon you can e-mail them soon >> welcome back. surveys show workplace productivity goes down when march madness rolls around. the loss of time could be staggering. we have more. >> it starts ri
gaddafi. locals speculate that the bunker was used for secret communications and wiretapping. one of the deaf people posadas finally acknowledged the unrest during a television -- one of gaddafi's sauds finally acknowledged the unrest. >> they are acting. >> as the uprising continues, and international relief effort is underway for the embattled north african country. >> still ahead, dr. daniel anthony joins us to enter your pet questions. >> do not think it possible lockout will keep the baltimore ravens' cheerleaders from holding tryout to >> the insta- weather-plus forecast is coming apart >> -- trying out. >> the instant whether + forecastth alright, so we have $10. you could get two things for $4 and one for $2. or five things for $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] denny's. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> this morning we have had a lot of clout in the area. the bulk of the rain is to the west. a
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12